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ACI NetCentric

I have been working on a tool for Cisco ACI, which when done should help take the pain out of the most common deployment scenarios.

At present, I have pieces of functionality littered in different files/folders. Instead of waiting for a perfect app, I have decided to package some of that functionality into an ACI app named NetCentric, and release it

The plan is to rely on user feedback to rapidly add functionality as time goes by.

I initially chose to package this as an ACI app because I thought it would save me the hassle of maintaining a web site etc But the development workflow is so tedious, that I am rethinking that decision for future updates.

Anyway, below are some screenshots of the App as it presently exists. You can probably already get most of the info from the ACI GUI without too much clicking around, but I find it useful, plus it gets the ball rolling.

Be sure to leave your email, if you want to get news as we release updates.

To download the actual app, please click on the link below:


You would of course need to install this in ACI (it also works in the simulator). No special instructions necessary. All feedback is welcome

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