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Announcing Simple Dashboard for Cisco ACI v 1.1

Post Series: Cisco ACI
  • 1.Announcing Simple Dashboard for Cisco ACI v 1.1

We just released version 1.1 of Simple Dashboard for Cisco ACI with several new features. Here’s a Summary:


  •  Ability to Configure entire fabric by filling out an Excel Spreadsheet
  •  Automatic check for EOS, EOL status of Hardware
  •  Automatic Check for whether you are running the newest version of software
  •  Ability to configure multiple static epg bindings with a few clicks
  •  Ability to see all device interfaces in a table view
  • Interface status, port-channel name, LLDP neighbors etc are included in table view
  • show ip route for each vrf provisioned on a leaf or spine
  •  Search on config changes to Fabric
  •  Search on fabric events
  •  Ability to download each table as an excel document
  • Dark Mode


See more details and download the dashboard here

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