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BlueSodium is a Managed Service Provider

Bluesodium Managed Service Provider

When I first left my job about 4 years ago to start BlueSodium, it was to be  a company that made and sold software. We wrote mobile apps, as well as a web app (SaaS) named PBXReports.

BlueSodium gradually transitioned into a company that did  Network Consulting, mostly because of my background as a Cisco CCIE. Then for a while, we focused on doing Nortel / Avaya specific network consulting.

As time went on,we drifted back into doing a lot of general networking, supporting a wide array of Vendors …Cisco, Sonicwall, Meraki, Avaya, Nortel, Juniper, HP ; And product lines…Routers, switches , Firewalls, Wireless Access Points (WAPS) etc

In the past year or so , we made a conscious decision to do something a little bit different. We decided to become a Managed Service Provider.  Without going into too much detail, here are the reasons why.

  1. We have the expertise
  2. We can better  manage the relationship with the Client
  3. We are more efficient when we are able to influence many parts of our Clients’ IT
  4. More and more Customers prefer to have a single provider for their IT needs

So there you have it. We now define ourselves primarily as a Managed Service Provider in New Jersey, or to quote my friend John Volker, BlueSodium is open for business!!!


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