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Connecting a Cisco ASA to an Avaya SPB Network

If you have an SPB network, at some point you’ll need to connect to the internet or some other external network.  Naturally, you would need to protect your network from intruders.A great firewall product for this purpose, is the Cisco ASA. It’s been around for a really long time, and in my experience, is very reliable.

Far too often, people just configure an ASA with a bunch of static routes to their internal networks , one default route to the internet, and call it a day. You can actually use a routing protocol between your Avaya SPB network and the Cisco ASA. RIP and OSPF are available. The snippets below show you how to configure OSPF on the ASA and an Avaya VSP.

The routes from the SPB network need to be redistributed into ospf in order for the ASA to know about them.

Step 1 Enable ospf On the Cisco ASA


Step 2: Enable ospf on the Avaya VSP


Screen Shot 2016-05-01 at 6.35.30 PM

Step 3: Redistribute is-is routes into ospf on the Avaya VSP


That’s all. You should  now be receiving all the routes from your SPB network on the Cisco ASA.

Here’s the routing table on the Avaya VSP. Note the is-is routes


Now compare this to the routing table on the Cisco ASA. The ospf routes mirror the is-is routes on the Avaya VSP. Disregard the static routes.


I hope this helps  make your network deployment simpler.

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