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The tools we use to run our MSP



So, in my last post I  semi-announced that BlueSodium is a Managed Service Provider. What does that mean in practise?

This means  we have a different mindset from when we pretty much focused on Network Consulting. As a Network Consulting Company we had a strict policy of selling nothing but services. As an MSP we have to sell other things too (more on that later).

First I’ll talk about the tools we use, then I’ll talk about the Companies we partner with in order to provide this service…


The Tools

FreshDesk. This is our HelpDesk / ticketing platform. Its simple to use, has all the features we need and integrates nicely with our Phone System

TeamViewer . For remote access to Servers

LogmeIn . for remote access to user PCs

NinjaMSP. We use this to monitor Windows Servers. Thats probably going to end soon

PRTG . For monitoring Servers and Network devices

RingCentral. This is not strictly an MSP tool, but we use it for our office Phone system


Our Partners

Avaya. We did and still do a lot of Avaya Data Networking. This Partnership does not really work well with the MSP side of things. Its probably going away.

Cisco . I have worked with Cisco devices for about 20 years. There are certain products in the Cisco Portfolio that work well for an MSP our size

Microsoft. This one explains itself

ESET. For Anti-Virus. Really a big part of Desktop Support

Datto. I saved this one for last because this is the product we lead with when pitching our MSP business. Datto does automated local and cloud based backups. Its also a nice safeguard against Ransomware. We do sell Datto hardware.


It is a sure bet that this list will change with time, but this is what we have today.

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