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Why Your Small Business Needs A Managed IT Service Provider



















Pretty much every business these days uses technology on a daily basis.

Businesses, rely on computers for processing their orders, executing core functions like accounting, and in communicating internally and externally.

Most large corporations have an IT department and supplement with outside consultants when there is a skill gap

For many smaller businesses, their Computers were probably originally set up by someone’s Cousin who once took a class on how to write a program, then fixed by a semi professional they found on Craigslist.

Here are a few reasons why your Small Business should absolutely use a Managed Service Provider.

1). Less Expensive

For a small Business, the cost of using a Managed Service Provider is usually significantly less than hiring full time IT staff.

2). Access to greater levels of expertise

An MSP is going to have multiple Engineers with expertise in different areas of IT. A small business can often not justify the cost of hiring that level of expertise if their core business is not IT.

3). Quick implementation of new technology

Getting in house staff up to speed on new technology can be daunting even for companies with a full complement of IT staff.
Managed Service Providers make it their business to stay ahead of the technology curve, and their clients in turn benefit from this constant learning

4). Sick Days? What sick days?

At some point your one IT guy will have to take a day off or go on vacation. An MSP is fully staffed to provide support year round.


There you have it. If your business does not already use a Managed Service Provider, you should seriously consider signing up with one. Hopefully the points above can help provide a level of guidance for you.

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