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Many  Companies need a way to test and validate the features of  Cisco ACI before doing a deployment into production.

With our POC labs, we provide custom configurations and layouts to mimic your production environment, so you can run tests and create a solid migration plan,  before going to production.

Every POC will be different, Some of our Clients require us to do all the design and configuration, while some others want us to just provide access to the lab. Most will fall somewhere in between.


Below, are some of the items we provide with a POC Lab:

  • Dedicated Access to All Equipment
  • Design Consultation
  • ACI Equipment
  • Servers and VMs
  • Firewalls
  • ACI Multipod
  • ACI Multisite
  • Virtual APICS

Call or Email us to Consult on your POC Lab needs.

732 659 9059 x 101

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