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Our Managed Service turns

your IT into a profit maker!!

Spending money on IT should not make you feel as if you are throwing money down the drain

There are many IT Providers out there, but   not many have the skill and experience , to turn your IT from a source of headache to a great tool that actually enhances your business..

Here’ the thing , most Fortune 500 companies recognize that IT can actually be a useful tool in making profit, but for many small businesses IT is just a necessary evil.

We are offering Fortune 500 level Managed IT Services to New Jersey  Businesses starting at $50 per user…No, that’s not a typo

Is your business a good fit for this service?

Why not get an assessment done to find out? The assessment is free for a limited time

What do we offer as part of our Managed Service?

  • A Full Service Helpdesk
  • Ransomware Protection
  • Onsite and Offsite backup.
  • Network Monitoring
  • Server Updates and Monitoring
  • Quarterly analysis of IT spending
  • CIO/CTO functions
  • Future IT planning
  • User Training
  • Industry specific IT advice
  • Available 24x7 Support
  • Available Onsite Support

With BlueSodium as our Managed Service Provider, all our IT issues are resolved quickly and professionally. I highly recommend them”
– Nick Kumar, CFO GenPsych

Working with BlueSodium was a pleasurable experience with our Network re-design project and SPB implementation. BlueSodium’s professionalism and technical expertise was instrumental in a successful project
– Rob LaPrade Network Admin, Seneca County

As a first step, we assess what you are presently doing with your IT, identify where you are leaking money (you’d be surprised) , and show you ways to optimize things so your IT actually works for you, not the other way around.

For a limited time, qualified businesses can get this service for a grand sum of zero dollars ($1,500 value)

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Managed Service Provider covering the Central New Jersey Area

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